Studies show that the most successful managers are also strategic thinkers; but fewer than 7% exhibit these skills. What does it mean to be a strategic thinker and how can you become one? Our online course provides you with a simple framework to understand strategy from ideation to implementation, giving you the tools you need to succeed.


Fewer than 10% of employees say they understand their company’s strategy and how it connects to their daily work. Demystifying Strategy is a self-paced virtual workshop designed to put you in the 10% by developing your understanding of strategy within the context of your organization. Learn what strategy really is, where it comes from and how it gets into the daily work flow.


Demystifying Strategy:  An Essential Course for Management

Improve your effectiveness by learning to think, plan and act strategically on a daily basis.  Though recorded workshops and built-in learning activities, you’ll learn a framework to guide decision-making and more reactive tactical thinking to a proactive, strategic mindset.

  • Earn 8 PDU’s in strategy and business management
  • Become a more strategic project manager
  • Experience a workshop  environment without the time and cost
  • Learn a decision making technique that can be used in any situation
  • Improve your odds of getting buy-in for new ideas and initiatives


Fresh.  Interesting.  Simply stated,  our courses are better.

At S2A, we work exceedingly hard to ensure our courses are unlike anything else you have experienced.  Our virtual self-paced workshops, seminars and development programs are designed to make you a more strategic leader on day one!  See why more than 90% of our participants rate our courses as “excellent.”


There exists an incredible language barrier between the C-suite (those who set strategic direction) and project managers (those charged with its execution). Only 10% of people say they understand their company’s strategy and its connection to their daily work. It’s hard to run a business or a project with those kinds of numbers. Our mission is to develop 10 Percenters.

Who are 10 Percenters?

Simply stated, 10 Percenters are a rare a breed of project leaders who consistently deliver meaningful results through the cooperative efforts of others. There are four important points to be made here.

  1. 10 Percenters are project leaders, meaning their primary responsibility is to lead and direct others in the completion of mission critical projects (often without the legitimate authority to do so).
  2. They’re consistent with their delivery. While they treat each project and person as unique, their approach is both steady and reliable.
  3. They know what constitutes meaningful results – always maintaining a clear line-of-site between the team’s efforts and the broader goals of the business.
  4. They work carefully to ensure the cooperative efforts of others by fostering an atmosphere of trust, inclusiveness and mutual respect.

Every piece of content… every public speaking engagement… every workshop and seminar… every e-course… every mentoring and coaching session… is focused on the development 10 percenters! That’s it. That’s why we exist. I encourage you to explore our site and put our thinking to the test. We’ll supply you with the tools for thought and practice you’ll need to join the exclusive ranks 10 Percent. Welcome aboard!